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Marc Fleischmann

Marc Fleischmann is CEO and Co-Founder of RisingTide Systems (a privately held data storage startup), a Co-Founder of LiSoG (Europe's largest non-profit open-source ecosystem hub), and a board member and investor in a number of high-tech companies.

Earlier, Marc built Pixelworks' (Nasdaq:PXLW) DTV business as GM and SVP Engineering. Prior to Pixelworks, Marc helped building Transmeta as Sr. Director of Software and Low-Power Programs. He led their their low-power R&D and executed key design wins at Sony, Fujitsu and NEC that were launched in Q3 2000. Transmeta went public in November 2000. Before Transmeta, Marc was an OS Architect at Hewlett-Packard Labs (NYSE:HPQ). Earlier, Marc built IMF, a PC systems company in Germany, acquired by Atos Origin.

Marc grew up in Germany and lived in France and Italy. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in business and engineering from KIT, along with a number of patents in CPU and software technologies. He has been widely recognized for his work on low-power CPU technologies.

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