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John Mark Walker

John Mark Walker is a self-described open source economics hacker, agitprop and all-around rabble-rouser. He has spent the last 10 years collaborating with open source communities and finding out what makes them tick. He first whetted his appetite for communities at VA Linux Systems, learning how open source communities function, and took this knowledge to No Starch Press, Hyperic, the LinuxWorld Conference, Splunk, and now Gluster.  Beginnng in 2009, John Mark noticed that the movement towards cloud computing led to the same walled gardens that he fought against in the open source world, so he began to look around for ways to change that. There were a few others already thinking about the same problem, and they began to discuss what an open cloud would look like.  John Mark is currently the Director of Communities for Gluster, Inc., the proprietors of, GlusterFS, an open source distributed filesystem and storage intelligence project. 

OCI Role: 
Vice President
Director of Communities
Gluster, Inc